Loom Ring
project, 2018      ︎ download .stl file       
As an artist who works both with textiles and algorithmic processes, I’ve got an interest in weaving and it’s related tools. Traditional looms and weaving tools often require large space and time commitments to complete projects. As a working artist, my question upon starting this project was; How can I have a regular weaving practice that can 1) fit into my schedule and 2) is portable and doesn’t require the space needed for a traditional loom? Designing this ring was my attempt to reconcile my love of weaving and my lack of both time and space.

This ring was 3D modeled using Tinkercad and 3D printed in a variety of media; the versions shown here were printed on a Formlabs Form 2 using their photopolymer resin. The ring has an inner diameter of 19.25mm (approx a US size 9). You can download the file using the link above to print one for yourself! I recommend using a service like Shapeways if you do not have access to a 3D printer.

Weaving in progress. 3D-printed black resin.

Weaving in progress. 3D-printed black resin.

Final version, 3D Model view.

Weaving Sample on 3D-printed clear resin.

Weaving Samples, detail.

Ring prototypes 3D printed in clear, gray and translucent gray resin.

First ring prototype, printed in PLA plastic.

Ring prototype.
Ring prototypes.