Piecework / Fabric Illustrations
ongoing projects, 2015-
This is a collection of experiments using fabric and thread as illustration media. All of these wall pieces are one-of-a-kind and constructed using found fabric and other materials that have been hand-sewn and stretched across wooden stretcher bars, as a painter stretches a canvas.

Grin, 16 x 20” (sold)

Grin, featured on the cover of Alchemy: The Art and Craft of Illustration, 2017.

Grin, detail. 

Untitled, 16 x 20” (sold)

Lisa, 13 x 15” (in private collection)

Two In Hand, 12 x 12” (in private collection)

Mask, 10 x 10” (sold)

Mask, detail.

Blue Nude, 18 x 36” (sold)

Blue Nude, detail.

Blue, 16 x 20”.

White, 16 x 20” (sold)

Pink, 16 x 20”.

Kneel, 18 x 24”.

Kneel, detail.

Artist’s Model, 18 x 24”.

Artist’s Model, detail.

Gemini, 10 x 10” (in private collection)

Tammi, 12 x 14” (sold)
Pate de Tete, 16 x 20” (in private collection)